Your financial needs and expectations change throughout your lifetime. Whether you have accumulated wealth through professional success, inheritance, or a combination of both, you and your family deserve the peace-of-mind that comes with a comprehensive wealth management plan.

At Summit Wealth Management our team offers options for financial diversification designed to do two things:

  • Add long-term value to your portfolio, not just
    short-term growth.
  • Give you the degree of insulation from the risk that
    matches your age, comfort level, and goals.

Our systematic approach assesses your current circumstances and where you expect to be as you approach new milestones. The steps we take to reach your objectives are straightforward. Yet, the result is a well thought out plan focused on adding value over the long haul.

Our process is relationship driven

  1. Get to know you—We discover what you want to accomplish financially and assess where you are now. What are your assets, liabilities, risk tolerance, stage of life, etc.?
  2. Explore your options—We determine which types of investments you should consider.
  3. Educate you about your choices—We help you fully understand the risks and rewards associated with the investment options we recommend to you.
  4. Select investments that are right for you—We optimize your mix of investments and the percentage of your wealth invested in each of them.
  5. Monitor and review your investments—We review your holdings on a regular basis and make changes as needed.
  6. Make recommendations for improving value—At a minimum, we meet with you annually to discuss your portfolio. In between, informing us of any life-changing event such as a birth, death, divorce, job loss, inheritance, or other significant change in income helps us keep your portfolio on track.

Your investment strategy is value driven

Anyone can propose the next hot stock or suggest a steady mutual fund. Summit Wealth Management adds value by providing a comprehensive strategy that includes investment management, tax planning, and estate planning.


investment planning icon pie chart

Investment Management

Diversification is key to the long-term health of your portfolio. In order to optimize risk versus return, your investments should span across asset classes and market sectors.

tax planning icon scales

Tax Planning

We help you consider you investments from a tax perspective. Our goal is to maximize your opportunities for growth while lessening
your tax bill.

estate planning icon money

Estate Planning

We work with your legal advisors to safeguard your assets for future generations. We use our understanding of the practical application of tax code to assist with structuring your estate to minimize probate and limit the tax burden for your heirs.

Our Fees

Our fees are highly competitive and based on the amount of assets under our management. There is no minimum.

Security Comes with the Right Financial Plan

Because we take the time to explore your risk profile, current circumstances, and goals, our team tailors a wealth management strategy designed to fit your needs and expectations. We balance your portfolio based on a clear path encompassing investments, asset allocation, tax liability, and estate planning.

Through a regular review of your position, we’re here to steer you clear of pitfalls through every phase of your financial life. Our team is always ready with personalized service and unparalleled support.

If you’d like to know more about Summit Wealth Management services, let’s talk.